Another Hidden Uses Of Drone

Recently, video becomes one of the ways people express their feeling. So many people made videos to show the world what they are capable of. Not only to show what they can do but also to share their daily life with other people and having fun. People who show their daily activity to the world are usually celebrities. This is a common thing because a lot of people might be curious about what celebrities do outside the frame. But, besides celebrities, there are also people who create a creative video content to earn some money from it. They usually show so many creative contents in a form of video to entertain other people.

Picture Speaks Louder Than Mouth

A creative video content must be prepared as perfect as possible. The preparation that usually people do are making the content, record the video, and edit the video. People will love a video that can give them a ‘mark’ on their mind about what content does the creator make. Because this is a video format, automatically the equipment that people must have is the camera. Getting a creative and cool video, it is not enough using only one camera. At least you must have three types of camera that can give you a variant perspective from it. In the era, one of the most popular cameras that usually video creator use is Drone. Get The Best Audio System By Following These so you can get best audio from your drone.

Drone is the newest camera type that can record a high and wide scene from above which is suitable to take pictures of a beautiful scenery. This kind of camera is operating by a remote control and smartphone because it can fly and when the first drone is created by people called it a flying camera. When the first drone was made in 2010, the price of it becomes one of the most expensive cameras, but now it is decreasing. There are so many types of drone that you can see in a camera shop. For sure, the function of all those drones is one, taking a high angle and wide pictures. If you create a video using the drone as one of your weapons, your creation will be epic.

Helpful Drone

Now in this modern era, the drone has another function besides taking a high angle and wide pictures. Based on its development, several people use this flying camera to do other things that might surprise you if you have no idea what that was. Besides taking a magnificent video, here are another function of a Drone.

  1. Becomes A Courier

In so many disaster cases, drone becomes a little hero to help its victims. People use a drone to deliver packages that cannot be delivered by vehicles. This package contains medicine or food that can help people who were affected by the disaster. Several companies have been using a drone to help many people because some roads that usually used by vehicle broke because of earthquake or float for example. Several sources mentioned that drone is more effective to deliver packages than a car in case of speed and fuel.

  1. Security Spy

To secure a conflict area, drone becomes a small spy that can help the military defending the country. Moreover, there is an airobotic company which has a thought to create an automatic spy drone without any user to control it, because it costs a lot of money. Not only for patrol activity but also it is capable of doing regular security inspection in every hour, such as scanning temperature and facility monitoring in a secure area.

  1. Internet Access in An Isolated Area

To get internet access you must be in an area that has a BTS tower, but it is totally difficult if your area is an isolated area far from a city. But, with a high-tech drone, this is no longer a problem. There is a drone which can fly for a really long time about 90 days without landing. This drone acts as an alternate aerial which has a high-power laser to give internet access. So, you can access the internet without a help from BTS tower.

  1. Scientific Research

Drone becomes an important tool for scientist or archaeologist to record information from a sight that they cannot reach. So many things that drone can get, such as a high view above a forest and a high view of an above area that archaeologist dig. For sure, the drone has an important position to help them get what they need.