8 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

Everyone likes music. That’s why we always listen to music at the office, learning at home, and driving. So, all of them always have a music collection on their gadget. Now, listening to music will be more fun with the best music streaming app for Android. Here are some references:

1. Spotify


This application is famous for teenagers. So, this is the best music streaming app for Android. Spotify has a complete music collection and up to date. All genres of genre music are liked by teenagers. That is why, since launching for the first time in 2016, this application has a lot of fans. This application is available in free and premium. So, music lovers must have it.

2. Joox


Listening to music is ready with free application. This application has 5 billion users. All of the music in this application is free and requires an internet connection to support listening to music. Joox presents as a competitor of Spotify. Both of them make a competition to give up to date music. Therefore, this application can make the day more fun. So, installing this app on Android is a must.

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

This application is one of the best music streaming apps for Android. Android and Google are like two sides of money. Both of them are related. So, searching for music by Google Play Music is very recommended. Google Play has 35 billion music collections. So, let’s start to find music with Google Play Music

4. MusixMatch


This application is ready to listen to music and read the lyrics. Both of them are available in one play. This application relates to other streaming music, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Apple Music, or Pandora. All of the application integration with MusixMatch and will show the lyrics when the song is playing.

5. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

There are many kinds of cover songs in this application. It’s different from other music applications, it can listen to music without shuffle, and is free to listen to music favorites although without the bill. So, This application is very recommended for the best music streaming app for Android.

6. SongFlip


This application offers billions of music online. There are many features to this application. One of the features can make a private playlist. It will be more fun. Especially for music lovers. So, all music lovers are very welcome to use this application. Enjoying the music with the best feature from this application will be more interesting. So, enjoying the music will not be boring.

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

This application was not liked by many people in the old time. Now, this application is developed and available for 30 billion of music. Uniquely, Amazon music is available as a music catalog for sale. Therefore,  this application is ready for premium application with a range bill of $10.99 / month. So, Amazon Music can be the best apps for streaming music.

8. Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music Player

There are 53 billion music players in this application. Listening to music with a private playlist on shuffle is very welcome to download this application. Besides that, Deezer music is available for many kinds of audio channels, podcasts, and radio. So, the listener will not be bored, cause there are many kinds of songs.

Download the best music streaming app for Android, maybe there are viruses in there. To get the apps, you can visit Drivers and Software. Then, start right away to get your fun time!