[Fixed] I Can’t Log Into My Instagram

Instagram is an online photo sharing social media. It allows users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters and share them with the followers. In addition, they can also share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr. Instagram is getting more popular in society, especially for teenagers and adults. Thus, the problem why I can’t log into my Instagram becomes a big problem for me.

Apart from sharing photos and videos, most of the users use Instagram for running a business. As a result, users tend to promote their products and services through Instagram. Moreover, the users who have many followers can make money by promoting other’s products and get the benefit from it.

Instagram has minimal technical issues, but users sometimes get login issues. Instagram becomes such a part of today’s social life. Thus, when Instagram does not let you log in, it feels like the end of the world. It is because you can no longer see what is happening at the moment. However, you don’t need to worry because I have some solutions to your problem.

6 Reasons of Why I Can’t Log Into My Instagram:

Forget your username or password

Why I can’t log into my Instagram usually because I forget my username or password. If I forget my username, I can put my registered phone number or email as my username. However, if I forget my password I can tap Forgot Password on the login screen. Then, I can follow the instructions on the screen.

App issue

If your login credentials are correct and the system still fails to allow access, it’s likely an app issue. Therefore, try to log in from your personal computer or another mobile device. Then, if you can log in from other devices then the problem is your phone.

However, you can uninstall the app in your phone then turn it off for a minute to ensure no caches. After that, you can install the app again in your phone and try to log in.

A bug from Instagram

If you find this kind of bugs then you just need to wait for a while and try to log in again later. This bug will be fixed soon.

App version

If you have the old version of Instagram then you can’t log in then try to update it to the new version. This is a common problem that usually happens for the older version. However, this problem usually happens to the older phones that may encounter compatibility issues as they become outdated. Thus, it’s no wonder why I can’t log into my Instagram with my older phones.

Your account has been hacked

If you feel like your account has been hacked or taken over, there are actions you can take to secure your account.

  • Check your email account to see messages from Instagram then Restore This Change if you find any changes
  • Report your account to Instagram
  • Verify your identity
  • Change the Password or ask for a Password Reset E-mail
  • Cancel Access to suspicious third-party applications
  • Turn on Two-factor Authentication for added security

Your account has been banned

This is also possible. Accounts that have been banned usually because of those accounts are fake. Moreover, if the account uses another person photos, automation apps or gets reported by many users, it will get banned. In addition, you cannot say “why I can’t log into my Instagram” because you make a problem by yourself.

How To Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS

Although sometimes you thought you have saved your documents after typing, you may lose them without knowing why. Here we come to tell you How To Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS. Losing the unsaved word document on Mac OS does happen to the most of us due to the various reasons. Perhaps it is because you forget where you have just saved the document to the computer system or you miss to click the save button.

Since losing the important word document may become a confusing experience particularly when you need to open the document soon, we are going to describe the 3 methods how to get your unsaved data back. Check out the two methods for sure as follows:

How To Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS:

First Method

There are typically temporary files created by the Apple Mac OS system in your computer’s temporary folder. You had better check your document in the temporary folder first to find out whether or not your losing document ends up. Follow the instruction below:

  • Open the Applications followed by opening the Utilities and click Terminal.
  • Enter the following command in the terminal and directly press Open $TMPDIR.
  • Your TMP folder will be opened.
  • Open the folder in the name “Temporary items”
  • Check carefully whether your document is saved there.

Second Method

The second method you can try related to finding out How To Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS is to check your Microsoft Word on Mac computers which includes an Auto Recovery option. The Auto Recovery will automatically turn on when the computer system is on the default setting. This Auto Recovery option will save your word document every ten minutes which means this is very helpful for you.

Read out the step to check your losing document using Auto Recovery option as follows:

  • Close Microsoft Word for Mac.
  • Tap on Home.
  • Click the document folder and open it up to allow you to open the Microsoft User Data folder.
  • Place the files which start by words “AutoRecovery save of”. Then, choose the document that you want to recover and rename the file.
  • Please add “.doc” to the file name extension.
  • Double-click the file and the document will open for Word Mac.
  • Select “Save as” and type the file name by the Name Field.
  • Click “Save”

These steps will recover your word document whenever you might forget to save the document you have been typing.

Third Method

The third method of How To Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS is as follows:

  • Go to Finder and click Go.
  • Click “Go to Folder” and type ̴/Library/Containers/com.microsoft.word
  • Your losing word document may be here.


Conclusively, there won’t be any problem with no solution. Even your losing word document will come back as long as you know the right path of How To Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS. Make sure you follow all the steps given.

Tricks To Recover Deleted Text Messages Android Without PC

Recover Deleted Text Messages Android Without PC

Do you ever experience losing your long text messages before having a chance to send it? It could tragically happen sometimes. Yet, there are only a few people really know ways to retrieve text messages that have lost. In spite of learning new tricks to recover the messages, most people will just try to re-write it. What a wasting time.

Recently, our technological thinkers have found some ways to recover deleted text messages Android without PC. Moreover, these methods are quite easy to be used. Are you curious about the list? These are the five worth trying.

Recover Deleted Text Messages Android Without PC

  • Turn The Backup Function On

Every smartphone, including Android, usually has astonishing backup devices. It’s not just integrated with cloud saving. But also giving the ease in uploads and downloads business. One of the file formats could be saved is the text messages. Most smartphone backup system nowadays could automatically save files, including texts. To activate this function, the users just need to turn on the automatic backup system.

In case the users don’t have the automatic one, The backup function can also be implemented conventionally. It’s even easier than before. At first, make sure the text is always be stored as a draft. Then, upload it into the cloud as any readable format. From this on, the user doesn’t need to worry if the text is deleted.

  • Recover  The Text Messages As Fast As Possible

Most cache folders also save the remnant messages. When all the main text messages are deprived, just use the remnants to recover it.

To recover deleted text messages Android without PC via this trick is quite dubious. If the user is non-expert (who doesn’t even care what cache is), it will be quite difficult to understand. However, this trick is admittedly worth to try.

How to do it? Just open the application settings. Search the apps which are previously used to text. Open the information menu. At this point, you will be able to see the cache menu. Afterward, explore and recover the lost text if possible.

  • Don’t Restart The Phone

Right after the text messages are deleted unintentionally, don’t ever try to restart the phone. The text might be just stuck somewhere inside the phone. It’s recommended to recheck the clipboards or the draft inside messaging apps. If only the text couldn’t be found, the users could do the cache scanning process.

  • Clean The Phone Trash Routinely

Recover deleted text messages Android without PC is possible if your phone doesn’t crash first. While retrieving the messages via the cache, you might assess more additional space. For this reason, the users have to save some sufficient space to back up the remnant text data.

The problem comes when the smartphone stores very many trash. Hence it, the trash must be cleared before the text is being retrieved.

  • Use Data Retriever Apps

At this time, there are so many apps to recover deleted text messages Android without PC. Most importantly, these apps are very easy to use. Some apps provide the backup space on Cloud. While some others let the users save their important text right inside the phones. Some of these apps, for example, are Dr. Fone, GT Recovery, and many else.

That is all five genius trick to recover deleted text messages Android without PC as easy. Dare to try one?

Things about Software Downloading You Should Know

In this era of technology and information, of course, we are required to be able to understand various terms related to science and technology. And if we talk about IT, of course, we cannot deny to not discussing computers. If you are already connected to a computer, then it must also have something to do with hardware, software, and all kinds of supporting aspects.

The software is a program or application on a computer and also several other devices that serve as a liaison between the hardware and the user. This application is composed of various programming languages and also a collection of codes that may be rather difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Software Function

Basically, the software was created to facilitate various human jobs. Various human jobs today become easier with the associated software, for example, the work of an author would be much easier with the help of word processing software.

Another example, for instance, an illustrator will work faster and easier in producing various kinds of illustrations with the help of image processing software. Likewise with photographers, whose work is helped by the image editing software, image manager, and so on.

Technically, the software also functions as a hardware alignment so that it can work simultaneously. In addition, the software also functions as a liaison between the user and the hardware, so that commands from users can be ‘translated’ by software to be understood by hardware.

Types of Software Based on Usage

Based on its use, the software consists of at least 3 types. For those of you who are involved in the IT world, you are certainly familiar with these terms. The three types of software are freeware, trialware, and premium or commercial software.

  • Freeware

As the name implies, freeware is free software. This software can be used free of charge without requiring a subscription fee or license purchase. In fact, for some freeware is also available as open source software. So, in addition to using software, users also have the right to modify, develop, and distribute the software resulting from the development.

  • Trialware

Trialware is basically a premium software that is given free for a certain period of time. At a specified time period, for example, for one month, the software can be used for free. However, after the trial period ends, the user is asked to subscribe and pay a fee to continue using the software.

  • Premium or Commercial Software

This type of software is really not provided for free. Users cannot access the software at all if they do not purchase licenses or subscribe.

Tips before Downloading Free Software

Recently, to get various kinds of software is easy. We only need to type the name or type of software that we want in the search engine, and then the web pages will appear for us to download the software.

However, sometimes we often ‘fail’ to get the software we need. It could be due to an outdated link, or various other technical obstacles. We usually encounter this when downloading the free software. Not freeware, but the premium software that can be downloaded for free.

As a result of the number of users who search by using these keywords, it is used by a number of irresponsible individuals. They exploit the opportunity to make a profit.

Therefore, we must be smarter users, so that we do not experience losses caused by a handful of these individuals. There are a number of tips that we can apply when looking for and downloading software for free. By following these few simple steps, we can minimize losses, both material and non-material losses.

  • Beware of Download Button Trap

We often encounter this when downloading software from file sharing sites. We usually find a large and so flashy ‘download’ button. But it turns out if we click, the button does not redirect us to the link or file that we want to download, but on other sites that usually contain advertisements.

Of course, this makes us uncomfortable. Therefore, don’t let us get trapped by the fake download button. It is easy to know whether the download button is correct or not. We just have to look at the URL listed in the lower left corner of our browser, whether the link refers to the file that we want to download, or even refers to another page.

  • Avoid ‘Download Manager’ and ‘Installer’ programs

Sometimes, when we want to download a software file, we are instead offered to download and install some kind of download manager or installer application whatsoever. Well, we recommend that if such a download dialog box appears, then we must immediately click ‘Cancel’ button.

Such programs will not provide any benefit and will only narrow the disk space on the computer. In addition, the possibility of the program being infected with a virus or malware is also very large. So we must avoid such programs at all cost.

  • Use only Reliable Source

There are many file sharing sites that provide free software download services. But not all of them have the same quality. Sometimes the file-sharing site lacks control over the uploaded files so that some software files are infected with a virus. This, of course, can be dangerous. Therefore, choose only trusted sites, such as FileHippo Software Download to download the software you need. A trusted file sharing site will certainly provide complete and safe files.

Those are the information that can be shared. Hope it will be useful for you.

How to Safely Update Your OS

Technological advances that are increasingly fast making everything develop rapidly. One of them we can see from the use of operating system software on every device that we have. Currently, there are two types of operating systems that are most commonly used on mobile phones, namely Android OS and iOS. Both are software that regulates the performance or operation of a device.

With endless technological advancements, the two operating systems also always experience updates. From time to time, both Android and iOS experience updates from one version to the next, the latest one.

We also as users certainly do not want to miss. Therefore, we need to do software updates on the Smartphone or device that we use, whether it’s based on Android or iOS. However, some people experience problems in updating the operating system because they do not update according to the recommended procedure.

Backup Your Phone

Before performing a software update, it is very important to always back up the device. Make sure you always back up your device regularly, and right before you make a software update. This is important to prevent unwanted things.

By backing up the device first, we can recover important data and information contained on the device. Both the Android and iOS operating system have cloud storage services that users can use to back up their devices before performing software updates.

Whatever operating system your device is running, backing up the device will be very helpful, either before, during, and after the software update process on your device. The software update process will be able to eliminate data and information on the device. Therefore, to restore the device after a software update, we need to do a backup beforehand.

Update the Latest iOS

If you use a device that is supported by the iOS operating system, then you need to do the recommended software updates as follows. IOS updates can be done in two ways, namely by wireless updates and updates via iTunes.

A software update message will appear on every iOS device. By selecting the install option now, you will update the device wirelessly. IOS updates wirelessly can be done by following the steps below.

  1. Connect the device to the internet network using Wi-Fi. This needs to be done because the device update process will download a large number of files. In addition, it is also important to keep the device on. Plug the device into a power source to prevent the device from running out of power when the operating system updates
  2. In the settings menu, you can go to the general tab and then to software updates, then select download and install. Make sure your device has enough space to update.
  3. The device will automatically update. Wait until the installation process is complete and the device will restart.

Update the Latest Android

To do software updates on Android devices is not much different from updates on iOS devices. You need to prepare everything well.

INFO: Tips To Make Playstation 4 Live Longer

The steps to update Android software are actually very easy to do. As long as we do it according to the recommended procedure, the device update process will also run as it should.

  1. First of all, make sure your device is connected to the internet network via a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, you also need to plug the device into a power source so that the device stays on when the software updates.
  2. Then, you can immediately open the Settings menu.
  3. Next, in the Settings menu, you can go to the ‘About Phone’ tab; there you will find the ‘Check for Updates’ option.
  4. Select the ‘Check for Updates’ option so that the device scans for the latest updates. If the latest update is available, the ‘Install Now’, ‘Install Overnight’, and ‘Remind Me Later’ options will appear.
  5. Select the ‘Install Now’ option to install device updates directly. Updates on your Android device will run automatically. Wait until the installation process is complete and your device will restart.

Tips To Make Playstation 4 Live Longer

The weekend is the right time for you who want to get some refreshments from your daily activity. A high-level of stress can be lost for a while when you hear a word ‘weekend’. In these days, you can do a lot of things you want to lose your stress and be free. People are usually using their day off to do refreshment with their family or friend with going to the park, mall, beach, or another vacation place. You can also spend your time at the home by playing any games that you have. It will be so much fun if you have a PlayStation 4.

A Simple And Fun Refreshment

Playing the game on PlayStation can be your refreshing way to lose stress. You can play a lot of games on PlayStation 4 with your friend and family, but you can also play it alone by yourself. So many types of games that you can play, such as soccer, basketball, war, fight, and adventure.

This newest version of PlayStation has a great quality of picture that you will feel like it is a real, not a cartoon. PlayStation 4 must be paired with a high-tech monitor that can handle a power of 4K resolution. Usually, if you want to buy this game device, you have to buy a package with its special TV. If you use another different TV at your home, PS 4 will not be working as it supposed to. For sure, almost all people especially a male will spend their time playing this gaming device all day long.

Actually, playing a game for a long time is not good. You have to arrange your time playing games for several hours a day, don’t play it all day long. Besides it can be harmful to your health, the device you play for a long time has a big chance to be broken. If you want to be always spending your weekend playing PlayStation for a long-term, you have to know how to take care of it in a proper way. Anything that you use continuously, will be broken if you don’t pay attention to its care. Here are several tips for you if you want your PS 4 has a long age.

Take Care Of Your Precious Thing

First, place your PS 4 on a flat surface. You can set it vertical or horizontal depends on the surface that you want to place. If you want to place it inside a rack, you can place it vertically to give some spaces for other things you want to place. On the other hand, if you want to set your PS 4 on a desk, place it horizontally. This is up to you, providing that you have to place it on a flat surface. It is not a right thing if you place it on your carpet or something that has no flat surface, because it will cover its air circulation and can overheat which will damage your device.

Second, clean the dust from your device at least once in a week. This is important to make your PS has a healthy life. According to this step, you can clean it after playing games on a weekend, remembering that you have to clean once in a week. To clean the device, use a soft cleaner, such as tissue, cotton, or cotton bud, so your PS will not get any scratch if you use a hard surface cleaner. Don’t forget to use the special cleaner to wipe the dust-up for PS 4.

Third, arrange your schedule to play the game. As mentioned before, you are not allowed to play a game for a long time. Maximum time that you can use to play PlayStation is 5 hours after that shut down your device for an hour to get it cold. Even it is a high-tech gaming console, PS4 needs some rest to cool down the machine.

Another Hidden Uses Of Drone

Recently, video becomes one of the ways people express their feeling. So many people made videos to show the world what they are capable of. Not only to show what they can do but also to share their daily life with other people and having fun. People who show their daily activity to the world are usually celebrities. This is a common thing because a lot of people might be curious about what celebrities do outside the frame. But, besides celebrities, there are also people who create a creative video content to earn some money from it. They usually show so many creative contents in a form of video to entertain other people.

Picture Speaks Louder Than Mouth

A creative video content must be prepared as perfect as possible. The preparation that usually people do are making the content, record the video, and edit the video. People will love a video that can give them a ‘mark’ on their mind about what content does the creator make. Because this is a video format, automatically the equipment that people must have is the camera. Getting a creative and cool video, it is not enough using only one camera. At least you must have three types of camera that can give you a variant perspective from it. In the era, one of the most popular cameras that usually video creator use is Drone. Get The Best Audio System By Following These so you can get best audio from your drone.

Drone is the newest camera type that can record a high and wide scene from above which is suitable to take pictures of a beautiful scenery. This kind of camera is operating by a remote control and smartphone because it can fly and when the first drone is created by people called it a flying camera. When the first drone was made in 2010, the price of it becomes one of the most expensive cameras, but now it is decreasing. There are so many types of drone that you can see in a camera shop. For sure, the function of all those drones is one, taking a high angle and wide pictures. If you create a video using the drone as one of your weapons, your creation will be epic.

Helpful Drone

Now in this modern era, the drone has another function besides taking a high angle and wide pictures. Based on its development, several people use this flying camera to do other things that might surprise you if you have no idea what that was. Besides taking a magnificent video, here are another function of a Drone.

  1. Becomes A Courier

In so many disaster cases, drone becomes a little hero to help its victims. People use a drone to deliver packages that cannot be delivered by vehicles. This package contains medicine or food that can help people who were affected by the disaster. Several companies have been using a drone to help many people because some roads that usually used by vehicle broke because of earthquake or float for example. Several sources mentioned that drone is more effective to deliver packages than a car in case of speed and fuel.

  1. Security Spy

To secure a conflict area, drone becomes a small spy that can help the military defending the country. Moreover, there is an airobotic company which has a thought to create an automatic spy drone without any user to control it, because it costs a lot of money. Not only for patrol activity but also it is capable of doing regular security inspection in every hour, such as scanning temperature and facility monitoring in a secure area.

  1. Internet Access in An Isolated Area

To get internet access you must be in an area that has a BTS tower, but it is totally difficult if your area is an isolated area far from a city. But, with a high-tech drone, this is no longer a problem. There is a drone which can fly for a really long time about 90 days without landing. This drone acts as an alternate aerial which has a high-power laser to give internet access. So, you can access the internet without a help from BTS tower.

  1. Scientific Research

Drone becomes an important tool for scientist or archaeologist to record information from a sight that they cannot reach. So many things that drone can get, such as a high view above a forest and a high view of an above area that archaeologist dig. For sure, the drone has an important position to help them get what they need.

Get The Best Audio System By Following These

Having a full set of entertainment console in the home is one of the biggest dreams of any family in the world. You can imagine that if you and your family have one full set of it, you don’t have to spend more money to go to a cinema or karaoke. You can just enter your entertainment room to watch the film using your big screen and great audio with your family on the weekend without any disruption. It will be like a private cinema.

Having Fun In Your House

Recently, there are so many home audio products that have been made to complete your confinement in your house. The prices that they give to you are diverse, from the cheapest to the most expensive depends on its quality. If you have much money, you can get the best audio you want. You can also choose the cheaper one if you want and there are so many of it. However, with all those variants of the audio system, remember that if you want to buy, buy what you need not what you want. If you buy based on what you want, that would be a bad idea for your habit.

To build a good family for your future, as a parent you have to be able to maintaining your income also outcome. This is one of the most important to always be happy walking on your family. In the case, having enough entertainment in your house might be the key to get your happiness with family. You can choose the home theater to become your weapon having a fun time with your wife and children. To get the best home audio theater, follow several tips below to get the best one.

Better Audio Quality, Better Life You Get

  1. It Has Amplifier Surround

One of the important things to get a perfect home theater is a package must have an amplifier surround. If your item does not have one, that was not a good audio. This thing is used as managing the sound of your audio theater. You have to make sure that your dream cinema has this thing which is in Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro format.

  1. Minimum Speaker

To get the perfect sound, you have to make sure that your audio system has at least 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer. Minimum speaker device to get maximum audio are 5 items, with these 5 speakers you can place it around your room, so you will get the most epic homemade cinema. Before buying this thing, it is better to check it first to hear the response of those speakers. An easy way to check them by hearing its bass and check one by one the speaker if it worked. Then, don’t forget to see the vibrate of the subwoofer.

  1. Support Blu Ray Format

In general, audio system device has a DVD player that supports you to watch a film. In the era, there are so many types of formats in a film that can be watched. This is because not all people can get the best format in an easy way, usually, the kind of video format is like 420p, 720p, 1080p, and Blue Ray. Blu Ray is the newest one that is the best quality picture. Of course, you don’t want your theater is only available for a low quality, right?

  1. It Has The Newest Connector

Every home theater user is willing to get the best quality of the video, isn’t it? If you are one of them, choose the package that has the newest version of the connector. Because the quality of the film that you want to watch also depends on what the connector is. Recently, you can check so many home theater devices that have been using the newest version, HDMI. The tech of HDMI will give you a sharp and perfect picture on your screen. So, choose one of those which has HDMI to access the audio and screen.

  1. Check The Audio Power Rating

Power Rating Audio becomes the most important for any device that functioned to control sound. The quality of the speaker’s sound also depends on this thing. Usually, power rating audio is a form of watt unit. The bigger watt unit that speaker has, the clearer the sound you will get. You must agree, this kind of thought that you have to consider on getting a perfect home theater. However, you have to pay attention to how many watts unit that is better for a speaker. On every speaker, it is better to use 30-120 watt to get a clear sound.

  1. Additional Features

The complete facility, the more fun you will get. Even the main reason to buy an audio system is to get a sensation like a cinema, indeed you want to get more than just that. If your audio package has a complete facility, you don’t have to add any device to get the maximum fun. There are several additional features that you can get from an audio system, such as search engine, music mode, radio, receiving internet, video streaming, USB port, karaoke facility, MP3 player, etc.