How To Make A Transparent Background In Paint

How To Make A Transparent Background In Paint

People usually use a transparent background picture for graphic occasions. However, some people also use it for a nice picture for their presentation on word or PowerPoint. There are many ways people could get a transparent background. People could get it and download it from the internet. People could also edit by themselves. One of the ways is by editing by paint. However, people might get confused about how to make a transparent background in Paint.

People often edit a picture to have a transparent background using professional software. Starting from photoshop, Corel, and others. But this software might be difficult to find and install in all computing devices. But do not worry, people could still manage to edit their picture. Not a lot of people know the steps. That is why here are the steps on how to make a transparent background in Paint.

Steps in How To Make A Transparent Background In Paint

1. Insert the Picture

The first step thing to do is open the Paint application. After that, click on the File option on the top left of the bar and click on Open. The explorer window would then open. Choose the picture or mage that wants to be edited. After clicking on the picture or image, it would then appear and insert on Paint.

2. Cropping the Selected Object

The second thing on how to make a transparent background in Paint is cropping the selected object for a transparent background. Find the “Select” option on the optional bars on the panel. After choosing it, click on the transparent selection on the most down options. After that, click on the “Select” option again and choose the Free-from Selection button.

Free-form Selection on Microsoft Paint

The next thing to do is trace and crop the object. Trace around the object using the cursor on the left mouse button. Make sure not to let off of the cursor whereas it would start tracing again from the beginning. With tracing the object, the rest of the picture would be the transparent background from the object.

3. Removing the Background

After finish tracing, click right on the rectangle object. Then choose the Cut option on the context menu to crop the object out of the image. Another way is with pressing control + X on the keyboard. Left the rest of the picture there and then open a new page of paint.

4. Inserting into a new Canvas

The next step on how to make a transparent background in Paint is opening a new page in Paint. With the new page of paint, open the “edit” option on the bar at the top. Then click on the paste section. The object then would appear without the background. Another way to paste it with simply press the ctrl + V button. After that leave the background. It is because it would create a transparent background.

5. Saving as PNG

After finishing pasting, people would need to save the image. Instead of saving the picture with control + S on the keyboard, people would need to use the “save as” option. People could find it on the file option. On the saving section, choose the PNG options and then click Save.

People could make a transparent background just using Paint. These steps on how to make a transparent background in paint are not just easy. But it is also fast to do. Just remember to save as PNG instead of jpeg.