How to Safely Update Your OS

Technological advances that are increasingly fast making everything develop rapidly. One of them we can see from the use of operating system software on every device that we have. Currently, there are two types of operating systems that are most commonly used on mobile phones, namely Android OS and iOS. Both are software that regulates the performance or operation of a device.

With endless technological advancements, the two operating systems also always experience updates. From time to time, both Android and iOS experience updates from one version to the next, the latest one.

We also as users certainly do not want to miss. Therefore, we need to do software updates on the Smartphone or device that we use, whether it’s based on Android or iOS. However, some people experience problems in updating the operating system because they do not update according to the recommended procedure.

Backup Your Phone

Before performing a software update, it is very important to always back up the device. Make sure you always back up your device regularly, and right before you make a software update. This is important to prevent unwanted things.

By backing up the device first, we can recover important data and information contained on the device. Both the Android and iOS operating system have cloud storage services that users can use to back up their devices before performing software updates.

Whatever operating system your device is running, backing up the device will be very helpful, either before, during, and after the software update process on your device. The software update process will be able to eliminate data and information on the device. Therefore, to restore the device after a software update, we need to do a backup beforehand.

Update the Latest iOS

If you use a device that is supported by the iOS operating system, then you need to do the recommended software updates as follows. IOS updates can be done in two ways, namely by wireless updates and updates via iTunes.

A software update message will appear on every iOS device. By selecting the install option now, you will update the device wirelessly. IOS updates wirelessly can be done by following the steps below.

  1. Connect the device to the internet network using Wi-Fi. This needs to be done because the device update process will download a large number of files. In addition, it is also important to keep the device on. Plug the device into a power source to prevent the device from running out of power when the operating system updates
  2. In the settings menu, you can go to the general tab and then to software updates, then select download and install. Make sure your device has enough space to update.
  3. The device will automatically update. Wait until the installation process is complete and the device will restart.

Update the Latest Android

To do software updates on Android devices is not much different from updates on iOS devices. You need to prepare everything well.

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The steps to update Android software are actually very easy to do. As long as we do it according to the recommended procedure, the device update process will also run as it should.

  1. First of all, make sure your device is connected to the internet network via a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, you also need to plug the device into a power source so that the device stays on when the software updates.
  2. Then, you can immediately open the Settings menu.
  3. Next, in the Settings menu, you can go to the ‘About Phone’ tab; there you will find the ‘Check for Updates’ option.
  4. Select the ‘Check for Updates’ option so that the device scans for the latest updates. If the latest update is available, the ‘Install Now’, ‘Install Overnight’, and ‘Remind Me Later’ options will appear.
  5. Select the ‘Install Now’ option to install device updates directly. Updates on your Android device will run automatically. Wait until the installation process is complete and your device will restart.