Tricks To Recover Deleted Text Messages Android Without PC

Recover Deleted Text Messages Android Without PC

Recover Deleted Text Messages Android Without PC

Do you ever experience losing your long text messages before having a chance to send it? It could tragically happen sometimes. Yet, there are only a few people really know ways to retrieve text messages that have lost. In spite of learning new tricks to recover the messages, most people will just try to re-write it. What a wasting time.

Recently, our technological thinkers have found some ways to recover deleted text messages Android without PC. Moreover, these methods are quite easy to be used. Are you curious about the list? These are the five worth trying.

Recover Deleted Text Messages Android Without PC

  • Turn The Backup Function On

Every smartphone, including Android, usually has astonishing backup devices. It’s not just integrated with cloud saving. But also giving the ease in uploads and downloads business. One of the file formats could be saved is the text messages. Most smartphone backup system nowadays could automatically save files, including texts. To activate this function, the users just need to turn on the automatic backup system.

In case the users don’t have the automatic one, The backup function can also be implemented conventionally. It’s even easier than before. At first, make sure the text is always be stored as a draft. Then, upload it into the cloud as any readable format. From this on, the user doesn’t need to worry if the text is deleted.

  • Recover  The Text Messages As Fast As Possible

Most cache folders also save the remnant messages. When all the main text messages are deprived, just use the remnants to recover it.

To recover deleted text messages Android without PC via this trick is quite dubious. If the user is non-expert (who doesn’t even care what cache is), it will be quite difficult to understand. However, this trick is admittedly worth to try.

How to do it? Just open the application settings. Search the apps which are previously used to text. Open the information menu. At this point, you will be able to see the cache menu. Afterward, explore and recover the lost text if possible.

  • Don’t Restart The Phone

Right after the text messages are deleted unintentionally, don’t ever try to restart the phone. The text might be just stuck somewhere inside the phone. It’s recommended to recheck the clipboards or the draft inside messaging apps. If only the text couldn’t be found, the users could do the cache scanning process.

  • Clean The Phone Trash Routinely

Recover deleted text messages Android without PC is possible if your phone doesn’t crash first. While retrieving the messages via the cache, you might assess more additional space. For this reason, the users have to save some sufficient space to back up the remnant text data.

The problem comes when the smartphone stores very many trash. Hence it, the trash must be cleared before the text is being retrieved.

  • Use Data Retriever Apps

Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone

At this time, there are so many apps to recover deleted text messages Android without PC. Most importantly, these apps are very easy to use. Some apps provide the backup space on Cloud. While some others let the users save their important text right inside the phones. Some of these apps, for example, are Dr. Fone, GT Recovery, and many else.

That is all five genius trick to recover deleted text messages Android without PC as easy. Dare to try one?