TCL 6 Series General Reviews and Specs

TCL 6 Series Review

The TCL 6 Series is taking the industry by the storm, simply because of their great combination in visual as well as audio. Gone the days where TVs are just TV. It has become a new source of information and entertainment, especially if you are going to spend a long time in front of it on a daily basis. Well, this Roku TV comes with its own special specs and features, designed to improve your enjoyment and satisfaction to the higher level.

About the TV

This is TCL Roku TV that is coming with 6 Series variants. One of the most unique features is the UHD 4K image quality that is combined with QLED color technology, resulting in bright, crisp, and detailed images. Add it up with Vision HDR from Dolby and you have a complete pack in your living room. Will you have a powerful and promising performance? Definitely. Not to mention that you can also stream many channels from its intuitive and simple user interface. With an elegant design from brushed metal, you will enjoy edge to edge FullView display that feasts your eyes. You will never regret buying this TV!

Powerful Features

As it was mentioned before, this one comes with various powerful features that make this TCL 6 Series a winner. The QLED technology will deliver a lifelike experience in picture quality, complete with the striking contrast and vivid wide arrays of color. You will love this advanced Quantum Dot technology, for sure!

Powerful Features 

And then there are Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision in the line. The Atmos will deliver impressive surround sound with its bombastic effect while the Vision will result in superior and detailed 4K quality. When you surround yourself with an amazing sound system and detailed clear image, you will only get the ultimate perfection.

Let’s not forget about the Contrast Control Zone that would highlight the dark and bright areas of the picture. This technology focuses on individual contrast ability that is optimized across the localized zones so you can enjoy the striking contrast between the light and dark hues.

This TCL 6 Series isn’t only about the stunning details and amazing visual outcome, but it is also about the smooth TV viewing moment. This TV comes with AiPQ Engine that optimizes the control, color, and even clarity that results in 4K quality. The powerful engine and the 4K experience are deeply related, so they need to work together well. And there is Pro HDR Gamma that will ensure that every detail will remain visible within any environment. Whether you place your TV in the bright living room with the direct sun-lit condition or you place it in the darkest room for an improved home theater feel, you will never compromise the viewing quality. Rest assured that you will enjoy a high-quality outcome with this TV.

Final Words

It doesn’t hurt if you make your own research concerning the right and the most perfect TV for your personal needs. In case you want to read other reviews of other devices, you can always come to Best AREight to take a look. But now you already know about TCL 6 Series quality, so the best thing that you can do is to explore more options.