Things about Software Downloading You Should Know

In this era of technology and information, of course, we are required to be able to understand various terms related to science and technology. And if we talk about IT, of course, we cannot deny to not discussing computers. If you are already connected to a computer, then it must also have something to do with hardware, software, and all kinds of supporting aspects.

The software is a program or application on a computer and also several other devices that serve as a liaison between the hardware and the user. This application is composed of various programming languages and also a collection of codes that may be rather difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Software Function

Basically, the software was created to facilitate various human jobs. Various human jobs today become easier with the associated software, for example, the work of an author would be much easier with the help of word processing software.

Another example, for instance, an illustrator will work faster and easier in producing various kinds of illustrations with the help of image processing software. Likewise with photographers, whose work is helped by the image editing software, image manager, and so on.

Technically, the software also functions as a hardware alignment so that it can work simultaneously. In addition, the software also functions as a liaison between the user and the hardware, so that commands from users can be ‘translated’ by software to be understood by hardware.

Types of Software Based on Usage

Based on its use, the software consists of at least 3 types. For those of you who are involved in the IT world, you are certainly familiar with these terms. The three types of software are freeware, trialware, and premium or commercial software.

  • Freeware

As the name implies, freeware is free software. This software can be used free of charge without requiring a subscription fee or license purchase. In fact, for some freeware is also available as open source software. So, in addition to using software, users also have the right to modify, develop, and distribute the software resulting from the development.

  • Trialware

Trialware is basically a premium software that is given free for a certain period of time. At a specified time period, for example, for one month, the software can be used for free. However, after the trial period ends, the user is asked to subscribe and pay a fee to continue using the software.

  • Premium or Commercial Software

This type of software is really not provided for free. Users cannot access the software at all if they do not purchase licenses or subscribe.

Tips before Downloading Free Software

Recently, to get various kinds of software is easy. We only need to type the name or type of software that we want in the search engine, and then the web pages will appear for us to download the software.

However, sometimes we often ‘fail’ to get the software we need. It could be due to an outdated link, or various other technical obstacles. We usually encounter this when downloading the free software. Not freeware, but the premium software that can be downloaded for free.

As a result of the number of users who search by using these keywords, it is used by a number of irresponsible individuals. They exploit the opportunity to make a profit.

Therefore, we must be smarter users, so that we do not experience losses caused by a handful of these individuals. There are a number of tips that we can apply when looking for and downloading software for free. By following these few simple steps, we can minimize losses, both material and non-material losses.

  • Beware of Download Button Trap

We often encounter this when downloading software from file sharing sites. We usually find a large and so flashy ‘download’ button. But it turns out if we click, the button does not redirect us to the link or file that we want to download, but on other sites that usually contain advertisements.

Of course, this makes us uncomfortable. Therefore, don’t let us get trapped by the fake download button. It is easy to know whether the download button is correct or not. We just have to look at the URL listed in the lower left corner of our browser, whether the link refers to the file that we want to download, or even refers to another page.

  • Avoid ‘Download Manager’ and ‘Installer’ programs

Sometimes, when we want to download a software file, we are instead offered to download and install some kind of download manager or installer application whatsoever. Well, we recommend that if such a download dialog box appears, then we must immediately click ‘Cancel’ button.

Such programs will not provide any benefit and will only narrow the disk space on the computer. In addition, the possibility of the program being infected with a virus or malware is also very large. So we must avoid such programs at all cost.

  • Use only Reliable Source

There are many file sharing sites that provide free software download services. But not all of them have the same quality. Sometimes the file-sharing site lacks control over the uploaded files so that some software files are infected with a virus. This, of course, can be dangerous. Therefore, choose only trusted sites, such as FileHippo Software Download to download the software you need. A trusted file sharing site will certainly provide complete and safe files.

Those are the information that can be shared. Hope it will be useful for you.