Tips To Make Playstation 4 Live Longer

The weekend is the right time for you who want to get some refreshments from your daily activity. A high-level of stress can be lost for a while when you hear a word ‘weekend’. In these days, you can do a lot of things you want to lose your stress and be free. People are usually using their day off to do refreshment with their family or friend with going to the park, mall, beach, or another vacation place. You can also spend your time at the home by playing any games that you have. It will be so much fun if you have a PlayStation 4.

A Simple And Fun Refreshment

Playing the game on PlayStation can be your refreshing way to lose stress. You can play a lot of games on PlayStation 4 with your friend and family, but you can also play it alone by yourself. So many types of games that you can play, such as soccer, basketball, war, fight, and adventure.

This newest version of PlayStation has a great quality of picture that you will feel like it is a real, not a cartoon. PlayStation 4 must be paired with a high-tech monitor that can handle a power of 4K resolution. Usually, if you want to buy this game device, you have to buy a package with its special TV. If you use another different TV at your home, PS 4 will not be working as it supposed to. For sure, almost all people especially a male will spend their time playing this gaming device all day long.

Actually, playing a game for a long time is not good. You have to arrange your time playing games for several hours a day, don’t play it all day long. Besides it can be harmful to your health, the device you play for a long time has a big chance to be broken. If you want to be always spending your weekend playing PlayStation for a long-term, you have to know how to take care of it in a proper way. Anything that you use continuously, will be broken if you don’t pay attention to its care. Here are several tips for you if you want your PS 4 has a long age.

Take Care Of Your Precious Thing

First, place your PS 4 on a flat surface. You can set it vertical or horizontal depends on the surface that you want to place. If you want to place it inside a rack, you can place it vertically to give some spaces for other things you want to place. On the other hand, if you want to set your PS 4 on a desk, place it horizontally. This is up to you, providing that you have to place it on a flat surface. It is not a right thing if you place it on your carpet or something that has no flat surface, because it will cover its air circulation and can overheat which will damage your device.

Second, clean the dust from your device at least once in a week. This is important to make your PS has a healthy life. According to this step, you can clean it after playing games on a weekend, remembering that you have to clean once in a week. To clean the device, use a soft cleaner, such as tissue, cotton, or cotton bud, so your PS will not get any scratch if you use a hard surface cleaner. Don’t forget to use the special cleaner to wipe the dust-up for PS 4.

Third, arrange your schedule to play the game. As mentioned before, you are not allowed to play a game for a long time. Maximum time that you can use to play PlayStation is 5 hours after that shut down your device for an hour to get it cold. Even it is a high-tech gaming console, PS4 needs some rest to cool down the machine.