Top Five Reasons Why A Computer Randomly Restarts

Computer Randomly Restarts

It’s frustrating if our computer suddenly restarts without warning. There are several issues why the computer randomly restarts. If it happens, then you have to see some signs before it restarts. The computer might be overheating. In addition, it also could happen because of the Windows update.

Identifying the problem first will make it easier to apply the next step to do. Thus, pay attention to what you’re doing with your computer every time is important.

Reasons Why A Computer Randomly Restarts

Here are some top five reasons why a computer could restart randomly.

  • Hardware Failure

People can call hardware failure as system instability. This condition could cause the computer to restart accidentally without warning. There are many causes that can make this case happen. The hardware itself such RAM or Hard Drive might be in trouble.

Moreover, there is also other hardware that can cause this condition. Those are Power Supply, External devices, and Graphic Card. Therefore, If there’s new hardware, then try to remove it. The problem could come from the new hardware.

  • Computer Virus

Computer Virus

Some companies design several viruses causing the computer restarts randomly. For instance, the blaster virus. This virus will make the computer or PC to restart every 5 minutes. In addition, it also could happen in 10,15 or even 30 minutes.

Therefore, installing the antivirus program is important. If you think that there is a virus on your computer, then you can use the antivirus. In addition, always make sure that the virus scanner is up-to-date.

  • Software Issues

Another reason why computer randomly restarts is software issues. Microsoft has already designed software such as BSOD to overcome error system. However, this software makes the computer reboot or restart suddenly. Thus, if the errors happen very often, it could be disturbing. However, users can fix this problem.

Users could go to the Desktop then give a right-click on My Computer. After that, they could select Properties. Then, go to the System Properties and click Advanced to choose Advanced system settings. Finally, uncheck Automatically Restart.

  • Computer Overheat

Most computer nowadays designs to restart or reboot if some devices overheat. For instance, those devices are a processor, video card and others. Once they get too hot, then the computer will reboot. However, pay attention to abnormal noises.

Abnormal noises in the computer is a sign of a failed fan. It causes the hardware to overheat sooner. Therefore, check the fan on the power supply first if it happens. Then, make sure if it moves fast and smoothly. If it’s normal, then verify all fans in the computer.

  • Operating System Problem

The other cause could be an operating system. If the computer experience this problem, then the users need to try this. First, restart the computer. Then, enter CMOS setup when it starts to boot up. After that, let the computer run slowly for a few minutes.

However, if it still doesn’t work, then try the other solutions. On the other hand, if it still doesn’t work, then re-install Microsoft Windows.

Those are a brief explanation about some reason why computer randomly restarts. Don’t panic, figure it out first. Not all of the computer restarts because of a fatal issue.